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Call Of Duty Cold War | Aimbot + ESP Cheat

Call Of Duty Cold War | Aimbot + ESP Cheat

Call Of Duty Cold War | Aimbot + ESP Cheat

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Black Ops Cold War Hacks with Aimbot / ESP.


Watch the video below and see the first-ever FULL CHEAT in action for Black Ops Cold War!

As one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, Call of Duty is no stranger to intense action and fierce competition. The newest entry in the series, CoD: Warzone has already taken the world by storm thanks to the free-to-play model and gripping battle royale mode. Despite being such a new game, many players have already sharpened their skills and claimed many victories. If you’re a player just getting into the battlefield or struggling against the stiff trials the enemies throw at you, there are tons of helpful CoD Warzone cheats that will turn the tide of battle in your favor.


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About COD Warzone

Released in March 2020, CoD: Warzone has brought a new dimension to the already acclaimed franchise. It’s released on PC, Ps4, and Xbox and is totally free to start, so anyone can jump in at any time. The game features multiple main modes of play including plunder, where players scurry around the map to gather cash, realism mode, where players hud is limited and headshots increase damage, and battle royale, where players drop into an intense arena with over 150 other players. The battles are grueling and intense, and other players show no mercy, so if you want to survive and climb to the top of the rankings, you’ll need a way to tear through the competition and make your name known all throughout the battlefield. That’s where cheatrage come in. With these Warzone hacks, you’ll show other players who’re boss, get to number 1 in the rankings, and turn the battle royale minefield into your own personal playground.


Full Feature


Our aimbot is highly functional.Comes with adjustable Aimkey & FOV and multiple smoothing options makes our cheat work either in legit or full rage mode




Aim Point



We have the most attractive ESP, and its style and color can also be fully customized. Our Loot ESP comes with smart filters, so you will always be the first to find weapons, shields and rare items. Do n’t lose yourself in battle and use our radar to quickly spot enemies around you.

Player Names

Distance ESP

Player ESP

Item ESP

Loot ESP

Gadjet ESP



No Recoil

No Sway

Custom crosshair

Hack invisible when you streaming or recording video (Customizable)

English menu

No HWID lock


Always check our status page before buying to make sure that you are using the undetected warzone hacks or cheats. Hacks that bypass Anti-cheat software because Security teams watch your every movement and we are here to avoid that because we review all possible cheats and hacks. If you are caught using a cheat or hack, then you will get banned, that is why we are here; to prevent you from getting banned.


    This entire team is incredible, they are fast to respond, helpful, and update the Cheetos as fast as possible. Whenever I have a question someone is usually here to answer. I have purchased Valorant and Rust Cheetos and both have greatly satisfied me! They have all the features you need for R(age) or L(egit) Cheeting. I personally use them for L(egit) Cheeting and have not gotten banned using either.


    Support is really great and that is a really important thing ! The hacks should work greast!

    Juan al-Baghdadi

    Ive been using the hackaroo for about an hour now and i can believe how good it is. Ive been destroying kids lol its insane. The amount of features it has and how it overpowers top tier players is insane this is a must buy!Aimbot is a 9/10 the only thing i have a problem with is it needs more a higher max smoothing ESP is a 9/10: Its great for a riot time


    Well first of all thank you to cheatrage Dev and resellers they put a lot into what we expect from the product and what we expect is our money's worth and trust me when I say I got my money's worth and still going lol its not really the money for me it's the trust in people and I trust them as support and friends 100% hands down thought might just let that out hahaha alright be safe and Peace out Fam

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