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Instruction For Apex Legends Midnight

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Launch the loader from the ADMINISTRATOR
2. Enter the key for the spoofer, wait for the console to close.
3. Start the loader from the ADMINISTRATOR
4. Enter the key for reading, wait for the console to close.
5. Start the game, wait for the game to load until your character is visible.
6. Press F2, during this period your PC / game may not freeze for a long time.

Everything is ready, enjoy the game!

For the software to work correctly, you need:

1. Disable windows defender
2. Disable / remove anti-virus.
3. Disable the built-in firewall.
4. Disable / remove built-in anti-virus from windows (cartana)
5. Install Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable

Spoofer works on Windows 1809 - 20H2
Spoofer works if AHCI mode is enabled for Hard disks. Instructions: https://cutt.ly/KhVtKPB

he spoofer does not work with external hard drives and other devices;

Before using the spoofer, you should disconnect all external devices, including USB FLASH DRIVES, EXTERNAL HARD DISKS.
The spoofer may not work correctly with hard drives that are connected through different types of adapters.



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